Lover Valentine Havanese puppy dogThe following are letters and testimonials we received from clients. Would you like to tell your story here as well?

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We hope these testimonials will give you some idea of the type of compassionate care your pet will receive at Animal Medical Clinic.




Dr. Carraway,

Where do we begin to say thank you. You were a true God send. Bunkie liked you from day one, even gave out kisses. Your true love and care for him was beyond anything we could have thought would happen. Your effort to keep him going was beyond what I think anyone would have done. Thank you for being one of the best vet’s we have ever had.  You became not only my vet but a friend. May God bless for all you’ve done and will do!

Monic K. (1/16)


AMC Staff,

Our family would like to thank you for the wonderful care your office gave our Bella for the last 15 years. Through all the surgeries and yearly visits, till the end we felt loved and supported. Even though we have an empty hole in our hearts it is also filled with great memories and joyful thoughts of our beloved Bella. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.  With Love,

Stephanie D. (12/15)


Our very dear family at Animal Medical Clinic,

This is the first time in well over 30 years that we have no pet in the house/home.

In all our years caring for our pets, we honestly can say we were never disappointed at any stage of care. Staff is and has been welcoming, understanding, and prompt in offering best of ethical principles of care. You are family and we will forever be grateful in knowing you and have the upmost confidence that should a pet once again bless us, we head straight to your offices.  Very Sincerely,

Bill F (12/15)


To the Staff at Animal Medical Clinic,

Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion and professionalism. Since the first time Sassy and I have been coming to you, you have been so caring and devoted to your furry patients including Sassy. I never worried about her when I left her at in the kennel. I always felt comforted hearing what great care you gave her.

Thank you so very much for your understanding when I had to make a difficult decision. You all are the very best and I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Joanne M. (10/15)


Dr. Godwin,

You and your staff have always been amazing, compassionate and caring. Thanks for years of TLC for our fur-babies.

Al & Janet R. (09/15)


Dear Dr. Godwin,

Thank you for all the years you took care of Pooh Bear. I am so very grateful to you and your staff for always being so caring.

Thank you and God Bless,

Gail L. (09/15)

Friends at Animal Medical Clinic,

First of all, thank you for your warm words of comfort in the tragic death of our dear Spookie. Special thanks to Dr. Craig for years of annual care and to Dr. Rodriguez and Thomson for the recent treatment for his heart disease. Before Spookie began his meds, we felt he was wasting away before our eyes. But he was bounding back to his regular self – good appetite, improved strength, old activities of following us around the yard and climbing up on me for his personal “momma’s time” of purring. We miss him terribly and were devastated to find his remains, or what was left of him in our field – he is buried with deceased Rocky and Sadie. Spookie loved being an outside cat, climbing trees and keeping a watchful eye on his domain. After 16 years he lost most of his hearing and really slowed down and had very little interest in using a litter box. He adopted us, a fact we learned after our old dog Rocky died and we put away his food & water bowls – out popped Spookie looking for his share and thus many long years of love and companionship. Spookie was a very brave soul, even faced off with a large bobcat who was stalking squirrels near the porch until we went screaming out the door to rescue Spookie from a dangerous situation. When we open the kitchen shutters each morning, we still look for him on the picnic table where he kept an eye out for the signs that meant breakfast was coming. His companion Tommy misses him as well as and spends more time inside with us.

Thank you for donating to Veterinary Care Foundation in memory of Spookie. Hope the unused meds we donated to AMC will help another pet whose owners cannot afford to provide care.

Love to you all, Linda and Steve B. (09/15)



To the Staff at Animal Medical Clinic,

Thank you for all the years of taking care of my Pooh Bear. Your thoughtfulness and caring always will be remembered. God Bless and thank you, 

Gail L.  07/15

Thank you for everything you did for our Little Girl Cierra. Thank you from the bottom of our heart Dr. Carraway & staff.

From the Canada Family  07/15

Dear Paula,

I want to thank you and your team for the excellent care of my Veilled Chameleon, Roger. I greatly appreciate your concern and your solutions to the special needs for Roger. I know Roger had a good time under your direction because he gained 1 gram and no longer races away when he is taken out of his enviroment. Roger now stays in my hand! Again, thank you for being most excellent.

Sincerely, Edith L.  07/15

To all of the wonderful “angels” at both clinics who took care of my Tiggie and comforted me and my mother through our loss. Your kind words and gentle hugs meant so much. I don’t know everyones name but you know who you are. Thanks to Dr. Young and Dr. McDougal for all you did for Tiggie. Most especially to Dr. Marcia Craig; you are truly a blessing from above. You will never know how much I appreciate all of your love and prayers. Tiggie loved you so much. You were able to give him peace and bring me to see his need for it. I will always miss him so much but you made it a little bit easier. Please tell Heather and Eileen a huge thank you for their words or support and comfort.

 Much love, Suzanne B.  07/15

Samantha was seen at the first appointment of the day and in and out quickly. She is the cat of ours most difficult to capture when appointment time is due. We appreciate the quick in and out service. Enough time was still spent with us that we were happy about how the appointment went and it was explained to us that her teeth looked great and her .5 pound that she gained was not a problem. Dr. Joiner and staff do an excellent job. We couldn’t be more pleased.

 Caroline M.  07/15

Animal Medical Clinic,

We would like to express a sincere thank you to Dr. Robert Young and your staff. On Thursday, 18 June, when an SUV plowed through the wall of our regular vet. We immediately had to call around town to reschedule an appointment to have our cat, Daisy, put down the next day. We didn’t want her to feel any more pain. On Friday, 19 June, to our delight, your clinic had an available appointment and charged much less for euthanasia services. Scheduling and price matters aside, on Friday morning your receptionist was very perceptive. Rather than have us linger in the waiting area during such an emotional event, she and the nurses expedited getting us back to Exam Room 4. Your facilities are clean and welcoming. In the exam room, Dr. Young was very gentle with Daisy. He provided an excellent explanation regarding what to expect during the procedure and clarified how much or how little we desired to participate. Dr. Young appeared to expertly conduct the procedure as we rubbed Daisy’s back and ears to her last breath. Dr. Young and your staff created a peaceful environment for our family and for Daisy for her last moments before going to kitty heaven. We thank you very much. The experience has motivated us to ensure that we call Animal Medical Clinic for all our veterinary needs. Our cat, Phoebe, and dogs, Rocky and Bella, will be pleased. God bless you. Have a great day!

 Sincerely, Evan & Kelly T.  07/15

Thank you for the kindness, grace, humor and compassion you brought to our lives as well as the caring and loving comfort you gave to Sweetie Pie and me.  I am so grateful!

Love, Lora M.  06/15

Dr. Joiner and Staff,

Thank you for your EXCELLENT care of our fur babies! You and your team always go the “extra mile” to assist us. You put the customer in customer service. We appreciate all that you do.

The Raible Family  05/15

Dear Dr. Godwin,

Thank you for all your help. It is a pleasure to know you. Not only are you an amazing doctor, but a great businessman. Your understanding of each situation is worthy of the highest praise. Thank you for everything

Respectfully, Olga  05/15

To the staff at Animal Medical Clinic,

Eric and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the way you handled our beloved Casey on April 1st. We were quite unprepared for the feelings we felt upon the loss of our cherished Casey after all these years. Thanks again for your kind words and expression of sympathy.

Carolann F.  05/15

The entire staff of AMC has taken exceptional care of my pets; that’s why I have been a client for 40+ years.

Kathy H.

The doctors and staff at Animal Medical Clinic are not only professional, but compassionate and attentive to my pets needs. My family always, without hesitation, recommends Animal Medical Clinic to friends and strangers.

Gary and Deborah J.  05/15

I really can’t say enough about the office members. Dr. Thomson is always very caring and gentle with Cloey. The assistants are the same. The secretaries are always very friendly and helpful. The facility is always clean and comfortable. I am so grateful and thankful that Cloey and Riley get the best care. Thanks to all of you for what you do.

Vicky M.  05/15

I have been looking for a new veterinarian since moving to Florida last October. I had visited a few others for minor questions regarding Annie’s health care. Dr. Joiner is by far the best; very informative and explained everything. He actually took time to talk. Very happy with Animal medical Clinic. I believe I have found our new veterinarian.


Dear Dr. Godwin,

Mandy is back to her old self again. We can’t thank you enough!

Paul & Mary D.

Dear Dr. McDougal and Staff,

We want to thank you so very much for all your gentle, loving and compassionate care of Ginger at the end of her life. You made Ginger’s final moments very peaceful, filled with love and helped us, too through a very difficult time.


Steve & Vinny B.

I am so glad that I was given the chance to comment on my experience there because I have been telling anyone who will listen what a FANTASTIC experience I have had with every visit. Your receptionist are always friendly and very helpful. The vet tech and the doctors are fantastic and so patient with me and Fletcher. They handle Fletcher as if he was their own and that is so comforting to me. In addition, after my last visit there I called back to report that we had found a stray pit bull roaming in our parking lot at work and asked if you could see if it was microchipped. Not only did you say “yes” immediately but you offered to keep the dog until you found the owner. That, in my opinion, is above and beyond the call of duty!

You all should be proud of the work you do every day because it truly does make a difference.

Libbi H.  2/14

To Dr. Rodriguez & Staff

Thank you so much for the blessing of spaying our little lady Chevy. I cannot thank you enough. I will forever be grateful for the services I received and the love and caring of our little lady. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joshua and Dee S. 02/14

To all the staff at Animal Medical Clinic,

Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. Thank you for helping my family deal with the loss of our beloved dog Snowball. While visiting family in Palm Bay during the Christmas holidays, our beloved dog, snowball became acutely ill. We brought her to your clinic on December 27th, 2013 in acute respiratory distress/shock. Your staff at the clinic was incredible. Everyone immediately began to provide Snowball with supportive care until the doctor arrived. I wish I could remember the names of each of the staff who helped Snowball and supported myself and my husband. However, I was so emotional distraught that I cannot remember any of their names. I believe it was Dr. Carraway who examined and diagnosed Snowball with Hemolytic auto-immune distress. She was honest and straight forward, providing us with all the information she had and compassionately provided us with the prognosis and options we had available – including the humane option of euthanizing Snowball. I appreciate all that Dr. Carraway and the entire staff at the Animal Medical Clinic had done for Snowball and our family. I may not remember each of your names, but your faces, your kindness and your professionalism will remain in my heart forever. Snowball’s remains made it back home to New York despite the blizzard of 2014.  I miss Snowball so much (as do the rest of the family). The house seems so empty without her. When the time is right for everyone in the family we will seek out a rescue dog to adopt – a dog that needs someone to love them as much as we need to give that love.

Thank you all for helping us during our time of loss. We are very grateful.


David and Mary G. 12/13

Dear Everyone,

I want to thank you all so much for the care and kindness that you gave to Ginger and me. Everyone was so thoughtful and caring during a very difficult time, and I so appreciate it. All the doctors I have dealt with, along with your staff, are just wonderful. Your caring made a difficult time a bit easier. Ginger’s passing has been terribly hard to bear, and I know that in time it will get easier. She was a great pet – stubbornness and all. Thanks for your donation to the University of Florida of Veterinary Medicine. That’s really nice. I am sure that I will see you again in the future, but meanwhile, best of luck and thank you all, again.

Gloria M. 12/13

Dear Dr. Godwin & Staff,

Thank you for your patience regarding Buddy Dannic. We appreciate all that you have done so Buddy could be alright.


Dallas D. 8/13

Dear Dr. Godwin,
On behalf of Costal Poodle Rescue, thank you for Animal Medical Clinic’s generous donation of pet products for our reunion. In addition, thanks to you and the wonderful doctors and staff who take such loving care of all our animals, including many poodles/poodle mixes adopted through Coastal Poodle Rescue.
Sincerely, Peggy C. (7/13)

Dear Kelly,
Thank you so much for your kindness and concern for our pets. Your professionalism and friendliness are much appreciated.
Sincerely, Vicki R. (7/13)

Dr. Joiner and staff,
We just wanted to thank all of you for taking care of our Obidiah. I know everyone says their pets are the best and I am one of those owners. He has been very missed but I never worried. I knew he was in good hands.
Thanks again, Sabrina B. (7/13)

Dr. Godwin,
My wife and I really appreciate you and your staff taking great care of Axel. He is doing great and is almost at 100%.
Thank you so much, Steve and Carolyn R. (7/13)

Dear Heather,
Thanks so much for the care you’ve given my pets. We appreciate your kindness.
Sincerely, Vicki R. (6/13)

Dr. Carraway,
I want to thank you for helping me make Daisy’s last few minutes as calm and comfortable. Parting with an animal “friend” is never easy. But it helped to see her so relaxed. Please tell Katie I appreciate her care and concern.
Gratefully, Helen M. (6/13)

Dear Dr, Carraway,
As I left your office Friday morning – 31 May, I had tears in my eyes. They were tears of joy for Rambo’s recovery after you performed bladder surgery on him. They were tears of joy for my appreciation of your skill and expertise and your love and care for him. My gratitude to you is huge. Rambo is not my pet but I am firmly convinced he is the greatest of God’s creatures.
Thank you, Bonnie B. (6/13)

To the Amazing Doctors & All of the Amazing Staff,
Thank you all so very much for all your wonderful care of Kowsey. You all are truly a great team. You all have always been very kind & caring to both Kowsey and us. We will always be so grateful for all of you at Animal Medical Clinic
With Much Thanks,
Greg & Sherri Batt (5/13)

To Doctors and Staff of Animal Medical Clinic,
Thanks for the years of kind service to Booger. It’s been really hard since Booger passed away.
My best friends, best fishing buddy, meant everything to me.
His funny, cute personality will be missed by a lot of people. Thanks again.
My son, 7-1996 to 1-2013
Sincerely, Bill Broughton (2/13)

Thank you- the phrase is a simple and the words are few, but behind them lies a world of appreciation.
Special People like you make the world a brighter place. I would like to thank all the doctors and their assistants and the entire staff got helping us through Misha’s recovery. The support I received from everyone helped me through that difficult time.
Thank you, Heather Salter  (11/12)

Dear Doctors and staff,
Thank you for your heartfelt expressions of sympathy upon Brandy’s passing. We will also miss her deeply. Its comforting to know that we can always trust you to the explicit care of our family of pets, whether it be when they are sick or just a require boarding. You have been Pinot, Noir’s, Brandy’s and Sherry’s exclusive physicians and care givers since we arrived in Melbourne, Fl. In 1986. We are most appreciated for your loving quality of care.
Sincerely, Joy and Carmen Kaplan (11/12)

Dr. Thomson and the wonderful medical staff,
Thank you so much for the great care and attention that Roxy received from your office and for the donation in her memory to the University of Florida. I work for UF and that donation, support and extra care from your office helps put Roxy’s passing away easier for my family. Truly people with the passion for animals like the doctors and staff from your office makes all the difference to a family and their loved pet.
Thanks you again, Lindsay Adams & Family (10/2012)

Dear Dr. Rodriguez and Staff,

Thank you for your love, care and concern for Misty. I know it’s hard to deal with pets and their owners when it’s time to let their pets go. She was the third long-time pet I’ve lost in the past two years. I know its life, but it’s hard, especially since they’re my family. Thank you again for your wonderful care,
Pam S. (9/2012)

Dear Dr. Joiner, Amy, and Staff
Thank you so much for the loving care you gave to our boys, Bo & Bear over the last 14 years. We so appreciate all that you did for them especially during the last few months. Thank you again for being such a caring and compassionate group. We miss them so much and appreciate the last few months that you gave us to be with them
Chris and Richard G. (8/2012)

Dear Doctor Godwin and Staff,
Mashie and I both want to thank you and your staff for everything you did for us. I couldn’t have been happier with the care he received and what a pleasure it was dealing with you and your staff. You went above and beyond my exceptions…taking the time to email me, answer my questions and call me. You didn’t know me, never met me and treated me and my pet with such professionalism. From my experience with you, it seemed that you truly care about the animals and the path you chose to help heal and save them. What you do is amazing and I wish there are more vets and doctors in the world like you. Although the news was not good, you did give me the answers I needed and I will be forever grateful. Now when the time comes for him to be with my other beloved pets in cat heaven, I will be at peace knowing that there was nothing further you, I or my regular vet could do. I will refer anyone and everyone I know to you, especially one with a pet who may need a procedure they are unable to get from their local vet. I’m sure Mashie’s vet will refer to you as well as I’ve told them how pleased I was with you and your facility. They too were anxious to hear the results. My sweet, wonderful, amazing cat will forever be in my heart whether he is here with me or not, and someday we will be reunited. He’s brought me over 13 years of love, laughter and joy. There will never be another one like him. I love all of my pets but he has always been the love of my life…my sunshine. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the answers I needed and I will in the future come to you if I ever need a second opinion or procedure of any kind. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
Janine S. (8/2012)

To the entire staff,
I would like to thank all of you, for your help with Rusty. Everyone has been wonderful. Amy, thank you for sitting with Rusty.
Judy W. & John C. (7/2012)

To the Animal Medical Clinic Staff,
We want to thank you all for the years of outstanding care of our Tori and Molly. Your personal care and compassion towards your clients is beyond a job! Kelly, your sincere affection shows every day, all of you have been wonderful. All the kindness you give will return to you always. Thank you for everything.
Bill and Clare G. (7/2012)

Dear Doctors and Staff,
How very kind of your note in the loss of my precious 12 year old, King Jacob. What a great cat from the 1st day that he was brought into our home. We moved 4 times, and each one, he knew our property boundary lines and never ventured away & oh how he was forever loved. My 85 year old husband wanted to die and our neighbor 3 homes away carried this little kitten over and placed her in my husband’s arms. Immediately there became a loving companionship once again. King Jacob would want us to welcome another stray into our home. We did. Her name is Shadow.
Philip and Judith S. (7/2012)

I would like to thank the entire staff, especially the kennel staff for the wonderful care that was given to my 3 poodles; Annie, Nikki, and Chloe. Because of their elderly and medical needs, I had to leave them in the kennel while my husband and I went on vacation. When I picked them up, I was so pleased to find them bathed, with their ears cleaned, toenails trimmed, and happy & well. Thank you for all for your professionalism and for giving me peace of mind knowing that they received quality care in a loving environment.
Jim & Cheryl A. (7/2012)

To the Heros at Animal Medical Clinic:
Thank you for your compassion and for being there every step of the way. You were so special to Nemo and our family. He was always eager to see you all. We miss Nemo dearly. Love,
Jeff, Holly, Lily, Nicholas, and Boogie (7/2012)

Dr. Craig and staff,
No words can ever express the feelings that we have for your office. The love and caring that each of you have demonstrated over the last four years toward Zoe have been phenomenal. She loved coming here both for doctor’s visits and “spa” stays. Zoe never got upset with the care given to her, and the mighty last struggle that she made was largely in part to efforts that Dr. Craig made towards her. Zoe loved everyone that cared for her. Dr. Craig is the very best!
Jim and Kay S. (5/2012)

Doctors and staff of AMC,
Thanks so much again for your many years of excellent medical care and kindness to my little Dexter and of course to me!!
Monica A. (5/2012)

Doctors and staff,
We want to thank you for your loving and professional care of our beloved Corky while he was with us. Even though we adopted him in his senior years, we cherished the time together we enjoyed.
Clint and Bobbie W. (5/2012)

Dear Dr. Rodriguez,
I just want you to know how much I appreciate your wisdom & compassion with Elvis, Kitty, and myself last week. Your tenderness and words made my decision much easier. You gave me the strength to bring closure to a situation I was really struggling with. You also gave me several quality months with Elvis with the blood pressure medication. I have no words to express how much I appreciate you as a person and as a wonderful veterinarian.
God bless you,
Debbie S. (4/2012)

Dear Dr. Joiner,
What can one say? You have restored part of my heart to me. Thank you. Many thanks are due to your staff as well for their kindness and patience.
Wendy P. (4/2012)