August 18th through the 25th is National Take your Cat to the Vet Week!

Cats are wonderful companions, and its no wonder we consider them our best friend. Their love for us is unconditional and we regard them as members of our families. Your cat’s health depends on your veterinarian.

August 18-25, 2012, is Take Your Cat to the Vet Week. Why is there a need for Take Your Cat to the Vet Week? Even though pet cats outnumber dogs in the U.S. by 15 million, it is estimated that cats go to the vet only half as often as dogs.

In fact, Feline Pine, which founded the event, surveyed cat parents in 2009 and found that fewer than half took their cats to the vet unless the cat was sick.

But cats need preventive care just as much as dogs, and regular vet checkups can help you catch health issues before they become major illnesses that are painful for your cat and more difficult (and expensive) to treat.

Like humans, they are at risk for different diseases throughout their lives. Annual physical exams allow your veterinarian to detect problems early. Preventative vaccinations programs will help maintain your cat’s health against infectious diseases.

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