Flea Prevention

What do I do for flea prevention?

Flea Prevention in Florida is a year round adventure, we have plenty of prevention products in our store to keep your pet and house protected.

1.  Do you have fleas now, or do you just want to prevent a problem?

2.  Do you think you pet is at risk for ticks also?


Preventing fleas only

Dogs- Sentinel or Trifexis (prevents fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites)

Cats- Revolution (prevents fleas, heartworms, intestinal parasites and ear mites)


Preventing fleas and ticks

Dogs- Sentinel and Bravecto

Cats- Frontline Tritak (Plus Sentinel for heartworm prevention)



Treating fleas

  1. Long-term flea kill strategy-
    1. Dogs: Comfortis
    2. Cats: Revolution
  1. Prevent eggs from developing
    1. Dogs: Sentinel
    2. Cats: Program injection


  1. If needed, treat the environment
    1. Indoors- Flea Busters Powder (for carpet) or Siphotrol spray (other areas).
    2. Outdoors- Virbac yard Spray.  You only need to treat the shady, dry areas.


Treating ticks in dogs


Step 1- Bravecto

Step 2- Bravecto plus Vectra 3D

Step 3- The above, plus treating the environment with sprays as for fleas


Treating ticks in cats

Use Frontline Tritak and treat the environment if needed.