Injectable Heartworm Prevention

Introducing Injectable Heartworm Prevention


Untitled1Veterinary medicine has come a long way and so has heartworm prevention.  The first heartworm prevention that we had was a daily tablet, and then came the monthly tablet prevention that we all know of.  Now there is another option for some patients.  Animal Medical Clinic now offers an injectable heartworm preventative.  The injection is only used in dogs, and it keeps your dog safe from heartworm disease for a full 6 months.


Is injectable heartworm right for my dog?  Sentinel and Trifexis are still our first choice products for heartworm prevention in dogs, as they also treat intestinal parasites and protect your dog from flea infestations.  Injectable heartworm prevention is a good option for healthy dogs who whose owners have difficulty in administering monthly heartworm prevention or have difficulty remembering to give the monthly preventative.  If you are interested in a 6 month injection against heartworm disease for your dog, please give us a call at (321) 727-2421.