Introducing Frontline Tritak!

Here in Florida, we know that fleas can be a major concern for you and your pets.  That’s where new Frontline Tritak comes in. From the makers of Frontline Plus, Frontline Tritak for dogs is a new improved formula, sold exclusively through veterinarians. They have added cyphenothrin to their fipronil and (S)-methoprene combination to kill fleas and ticks faster, and more efficiently. Frontline Tritak starts working to kill fleas within 1 hour of application, and lasts for the entire month. Frontline Tritak also kills ticks, and flea eggs and larvae. An important note for Frontline Tritak for Dogs – do not apply on your cat!

Frontline Tritak for Cats is also available.  Instead of cyphenothrin, they have added etofenprox to the cat formula, to make it safe and quicker acting on cats.

When purchased though a veterinarian, Merial also has a Frontline Satisfaction Plus Guarantee.  If, after 3 months of consecutive application you are not satisfied, Merial will refund your money, provide a replacement product or provide a one-time professional in-home inspection, and if necessary, treatment by Terminix.

If you have questions about Frontline Tritak, please ask us.

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