Reproduction in Pets

 Heat Cycles, Pregnancy and Litters

How long is a dog/cat in heat?

Like people, every animal is different; however, generally a dog is in heat 2-3 weeks. Cats, however, are even more sporadic, they can have more than one heat cycle per season.

How long is a dog/cat pregnancy?1083213_81580215

The average length of a dog pregnancy is 63 – 65 days. The average length of a cat pregnancy is 60 days.

I want to know how many puppies or kittens there are, how do we determine that?

An ultrasound can be performed at 21-25 days to check for a fetus or 23-38 days to check for fetal heart beats. A palpation can be done 20-30 days to check for individual fetuses. At 45 days or more a radiograph can be done to look for fetal skeletons.

Can my pet be spayed during heat?

Yes, they can be spayed however due to the bleeding there is a little more risk involved and it may cost a little more.

When do I get tails and dewclaws removed on puppies?

Three to five days, after that it’s actually surgery.

When do puppies and kittens open their eyes?

Usually 10 days – 2 weeks.

When do I begin weaning?

Large breed puppies usually can start around 3-4 weeks, small breed puppies you may want to wait a little longer 4+ weeks and kittens around 4-5 weeks should be fine.

When do I begin housebreaking?

Around 4 weeks is probably a good time to start housebreaking the litter.