Why should I give heartworm protection year round?

Mosquitoes are the carrier species for heartworm infection (they inject heartworm larvae into your pet when they bit for a blood meal). Florida winters are too mild to adequately dampen the mosquito population, so year round preventation is recommended. My dog spends most of the time indoors does he/she need heartworm protection? Yes! Some species of mosquitoes actually prefer to live indoors and any time you open your door mosquitoes may enter.

How do animals get tapeworms?

Ingesting the adult flea completes the tapeworm lifecycle. The larval fleas feed on the tapeworm eggs as a food source. When the infected fleas mature and are ingested by the animal, the tapeworm eggs hatch and mature into adults and the lifecycle beings all over. We emphasize the importance of not only killing the adult tapeworms, but also using a good, sound flea preventative to help control the tapeworm infections in your pet.

My pet is “scooting” his rear on the floor, does that mean he has parasites?

Not necessarily, a fecal exam will rule out intestinal parasites. Often the “scooting” behavior is due to your pet’s anal glands being full (another symptom is excessive licking of the rectal area). If the behavior occurs frequently, bring your pet in to the vet for an exam.

What do you recommend for heartworms?

Our doctors recommend using Sentinel or Trifexis for heartworm prevention. The Sentinel is for heartworm and flea prevention, it also controls adult hookworms, removes and controls adult roundworm and whipworm infections in dogs and puppies. If you prefer a topical for flea control than you can use Interceptor for the heartworm prevention, it does the same this as the Sentinel minus the flea control.

Can my kids get these worms from my dog?

Roundworms, whipworms and hookworms can all be transmitted through soil, so yes if your dog has any of these and his feces are in the yard where your child may be playing, it’s possible for the child to get the worms from the infected soil.