Daniel Loper, D.V.M.

LoperOriginally from Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Loper always loved the outdoors and never really felt like much of a “city boy” growing up. He always felt much more comfortable enjoying the outdoors rather than wandering around the city environment. Dr. Loper grew up in a house of all boys, three brothers, who all enjoyed the outdoors as much he does. Every summer the family travel to grandmother’s house in upstate New York where the family would hike, fish, camp and catch all kinds of interesting animals that would brought back home so the boys could ask yet again: “can we keep it?”

“Over the years, my parents had to endure many snakes, frogs, salamanders and occasional mammals that would find their way into our home. “

Dr. Loper attended the University of Illinois, in Urbana Champaign, where he received a BS in Animal Science.  During undergrad Dr. Loper volunteered at the Champaign County Humane Society and at a local feline rescue. During his free time, he participated in some reptile rescue work out of his apartment, with the goal of re-homing reptiles in need. Many of these rescues became part of the family and are still with Dr. Loper today. After graduating Loper worked at a local veterinary clinic as a technician’s assistant before being accepted to the University of Illinois Veterinary School.

“I have always had a special interest in exotic animals: reptiles, birds, rabbits, rodents, and others.  I’m happy to see pretty much anything you’d find up a tree, in the water, or under a rock. And of course, I also very much enjoy working with dogs and cats. I have a special interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.”

Dr. Loper currently has just one mammal, a 6-year-old cat named Belle (or Bella Bear). She has plenty of company though, as he also have a separate “reptile room” in his house where there are a few snakes and large lizards. Also in the reptile room there are a few fish tanks, one of which houses the newest rescue, an African Lungfish named Seymour.