Flea Prevention

What do I do for fleas (and ticks)?

  1. Do you have fleas now, or do you just want to prevent a problem?
  2. Is your pet exposed to environments where it at risk to pick up new fleas?
  3. Do you think you pet is at risk for ticks also?


Preventing fleas only

  • Dogs- Sentinel or Trifexis (prevents fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites)
  • Cats- Revolution (prevents fleas, heartworms, intestinal parasites and ear mites)

Preventing fleas and ticks

Dogs- Sentinel and Simparica

Cats- Bravecto (Plus Sentinel or Revolution for heartworm prevention)

Treating Dogs

  • Trifexis alone may control the problem
  • Sentinel plus Simparica or Bravecto hits the life cycle in two places

Treat the environment

  • Indoors- Siphotrol spray
  • Outdoors- Vet-Kem yard Spray.  You only need to treat the shady, dry areas.

Treating ticks in dogs

  • Best for most situations- Simparica
  • Other options- Bravecto, Vectra 3D or Preventic collar.
  • Treat the environment, same as for fleas


Treating Cats

Revolution alone may control the problem

If not, add one or more of the following:

  • Cheristin
  • Bravecto
  • Program injection
  • Capstar

Treat the environment

  • Indoors- Siphotrol spray

Treating ticks in cats

Same as above for flea/tick prevention and treat the environment if needed.