Robert Young, D.V.M.

Dr. Young was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida where he graduated high school in 1996.  Dr. Young received both his BS in Animal Science(2000) and Veterinary degrees (2004) at the University of Florida. He completed his internship at Hollywood Animal Hospital after graduation (2004-2005).

“I enjoy being around animals of all kinds. They are fascinating, loving, challenging, sometimes dangerous and always unique in their own way. I have always had a fondness for animals and the bond that is developed as they become part of the family and our lives. Starting with rabbits as a young child and then a Yorkie as I grew through grade school and high school, I have been blessed to have grown up enriched by those bonds. I enjoy and am often times amazed at how pure that bond is. Being able to help with keeping that relationship healthy between the owner and their pet in small and other times in major ways is tremendously rewarding.

As a young child growing into adulthood, I had been drawn to animals and when I started my path at the University I was attracted toward the fields of science and animal care. After learning about the veterinary program at UF, I focused my efforts on getting into the best position possible to get accepted and pursue a career doing something that I love.

I was fortunate that after four years of undergraduate studies, working in small animal hospitals, the University of Florida’s Equine Farm in Ocala and volunteering at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and a wildlife sanctuary, I was accepted into the veterinary program at the University of Florida.

In general terms, I enjoy helping. I love to meet new clients and help guide them into the new world of having a pet. I feel fulfilled when I have helped someone through the highs and lows of caring for their loved one. I especially enjoy working with all dogs and cats.

My wife Laura has been a real estate attorney in Brevard County for eleven years. We have two beautiful daughters, Juliana and Embree. My parents and brother still live and work in Vero Beach.

We love golden retrievers.  We recently lost our ten year old golden retriever Jimmy-Choo. He loved life and we miss him but he is kept warmly in our thoughts.”

Dr. Young is the Past President of the Melbourne Rotary Club.