Senior Pets

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Older dogs, like their human counterparts, require special care and attention to ensure their health and happiness. While they still may be a puppy at heart, senior dogs may need to visit their veterinarian more regularly with larger breeds typically aging faster than smaller breeds.

Common Ailments for Older Dogs

An older dog may be both wise and experienced; however, they are more prone to conditions such as arthritis, hip displaysia, hypothyroidism, in addition to a variety of other common ailments. Vision and hearing loss are also common. In order to keep your beloved pup in the best physical shape possible, a good vet and a set schedule are the best recommendations. At Animal Medical Clinic, we’ll do our best to keep your senior dog happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Keeping Them Healthy

If you notice a change in your dog’s habits such as eating, drinking, sleeping, or level of energy, it is always recommended to visit your vet so they may perform a checkup and determine if further testing is necessary. Blood tests, X-Rays, and urine tests are often performed to help assess what may be the issue. In the case that your pup may be feeling under the weather, medications may be prescribed or other direction may be given that will help bring them back to their old selves.

Dogs are a part of the family. Senior dogs are still fully capable of loving and learning just as much as their younger counterparts. We at Animal Medical Clinic will provide your pet the special attention that they deserve and that you want for them.