It is not uncommon for your cat or your dog to come down with a cough from time to time, and, like humans, this coughing may be caused by a variety of reasons.

More often than not this coughing is a minor symptom of allergies or irritants and will pass with time; however, if the cough persists or becomes more severe, please contact us for an appointment so we can determine the cause of the problem and how to treat it.


Cats typically cough less than dogs, except with parasitic or allergic conditions. Cats may experience a cough as a result of asthma or the common hairball. The presence of heartworms, lungworms, Bordatella, and intestinal parasites are a possibility; however, they are much less common.

Dogs may be experiencing a cough as a result of common conditions such as kennel cough and heartworms, or less common conditions such as chronic bronchitis, distemper, tonsillitis, or a collapsing trachea. Whatever the cause may be, the only way to thoroughly assess the condition of your pet and determine how to take care of them is to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Risk Factors and Treatment

The age, size, weight, and breed of your pet are all factors in determining which conditions they are prone to and the severity of those conditions. Treatments will vary from animal to animal, and you can trust your veterinarian to perform the proper procedures to best assess which treatment will work best. Your furry friend is part of the family. If they’re sick, love them, pet them, and take them to their veterinarian. At Animal Clinic, they’ll be wagging their tail in no time.