Laura Young, D.V.M

Dr. Young was born and raised in Brazil. Her father started his career in the Brazilian army and is now a private security guard and driver. Her mother was a stay at home mother most of her life but is now a secretary for a hospital in her hometown.

Veterinary medicine was the only profession Dr. Young wanted to pursue. She graduated from Universidade Federal de Uberlandia. She then immigrated to the United States and went through the rigorous Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates program in order to be licensed to practice veterinary medicine here. Dr. Young practiced in Nebraska for 5 years before moving here. Her primary interests are preventive care and internal medicine for dogs and cats. Dr. Young is excited to build a trusting relationship with her clients and patients.

My goal is that every patient and client feel and know that they have my full attention. I want my clients to trust that I am doing the best I can for their pets and that I care as much as they do. I also want them to fully understand their pet’s condition so we can work together to get them better.

A philosophy I live by is ‘You cannot tell people how much you know until you show them how much you care.’"

Dr. Young met her husband, Charlie while residing in Nebraska. They then moved here to the Sunshine State for the warmer weather. Together, they have one dog, Spud who is named after the satellite sputnik – Spud Nick Young. Spud was the first born of a litter that Dr. Young spent hours talking to the owner to help deliver. They also have two cats, Wade who was her first rescue and persuaded her to love cats and Dave who she also rescued and is your stereotypical naughty orange kitty.

In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy stories, watching movies and TV shows such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Friends,’ swimming, and listening to Brazilian music as it makes her feel close to home.