Todd Bliss, D.V.M.

Dr. Todd Bliss is our newest addition to the Animal Medical Clinic staff. He grew up in Odessa, FL, a rural suburb of Tampa. He has called Gainesville, FL home for the past 6 years, working on his DVM and Master of Public Health Degrees from the University of Florida.

Dr. Bliss was initially drawn to veterinary medicine as a boy with family ties to the Texas beef cattle industry. He focused on studying agriculture and animal husbandry, and was an accomplished swine showman across the Florida county and state fairs. His interests shifted to small animal veterinary medicine as he began working in clinics and saw the beauty of the human-animal bond. Including the time he spent working his way up the veterinary staff ladder, Dr. Bliss has been working with pets for nearly a decade.

“I work primarily with dogs and cats, but loves any furry critter. I treat mice, rabbits, ferrets, or any other small mammal with the same care and attention. With extra experience and training at Gainesville’s only feline specific practice, I feel I am particularly in tune with feline patients’ needs.”

Veterinary medicine, with its many disciplines, is varied as a profession. Dr. Bliss enjoys all aspects the field but takes particular interest in ultrasonography, surgery, and dentistry. However his favorite part about practicing veterinary medicine is to help people to heal their best friend. In order to keep your family as healthy and happy as possible, he has a special interestin behavior, reproductive health, and geriatric care.

Dr. Bliss and his family are new to the Melbourne area. He moved here with his wife, Emily, and two young sons, Mason and Donovan. There is also their middle aged Schnoodle, Sterling and 4 cats, Luvie, Johnny, June, and Willie that share time for Todd’s attention.  His house is certainly busy and full

Once they are settled Dr. Bliss hopes to get involved with the local Boy Scout chapter. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, fishing, and working with his hands; whether on his family’s cars, building cat towers, or planting vegetable gardens.